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About the Series
In a world where every boy and girl has a special power called Iris, those who are born without any kind of special power are discriminated and bullied. Toru Mizushima, one of those Iris Zeros, decides to live with his motto of "minimal exposure" - to live without standing out. However, his motto begins to shake when he receives a certain "confession" from the school's most popular girl, Koyuki Sasamori.
Did You Know?
  • ...that Toru was supposed to be the one with the special eyes?
  • ...that the result of Koyuki's iris depends on her train of thought?
  • ...that if the person believes that what he is saying is the truth Asahi's iris would not distinguish it as a lie?
  • ...that Hijiri's iris is not absolute but only shows at least one possibility of the subject nearing death?
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