Qualification Iris
Qualification Iris
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To see those who are qualified


Koyuki Sasamori

Qualification Iris is the Iris possessed by Koyuki Sasamori.


The Qualification Iris allows Koyuki to see those who are qualified to perform a specific task, identified by an 'O' or 'X' over their heads with the 'O' identifying those who are qualified and the 'X' for those who are not.[1]


The results of this Iris depends on Koyuki's train of thought. In order to be more effective, she needs to stay focused and is able to set up conditions or constraints to narrow down her search.[1] The exact wordings of these conditions are important and may affect the results as seen when Koyuki used her Iris to determine if Toru was the one qualified to find Rei's "dropped" item. An 'X' appeared on top of Toru's head because the item was not dropped but stolen.[2]


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